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INTRODUCTION  - The Stewards Tips

At this very moment, you are holding in your hand 156 offertory teaching outlines that really get the job done. Like all busy pastors, no doubt you sometimes fmd yourself brushing through your Bible at the last moment to find a verse or two for the offering. Strange as it may seem, this important part of the service often receives only a fleeting thought instead of the depth of explanation your precious people need to enter the good life God has planned for them. If you will quickly thumb through these pages, you will find that the teaching outlines are short and to the point, as well as being divided into weekly subjects. And best of all, they are local - church oriented.

                       The importance of systematically teaching about tithes and offerings is easy to see when we realize the great emphasis God places on these subjects. 

The tithe . . . is the Lord’s: it is holy unto the Lord."
                                                                                                               —- Leviticus 27:30

                       If the tithe is holy to the Lord, it most surely should be holy to His children. I will not spend any time trying to convince you that something is wrong with the financial condition of God’s people. God’s Word is very clear that God wants His children to be financially blessed.

                             "The blessing ofthe Lord, it maketh rich and he adds no sorrow with it." 
                                                                                                                      -— Proverbs 10:22

                         While it may be God’s desire to bless us, it is obvious that most of His children don’t walk in the financial abundance He planned for them. The consequence of this shortcoming goes far beyond the impact it has on the personal
finances of His children. It goes to the very heart of world evangelism.

                               ". . . Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." 
                                                                                                                        -- Romans 10:13

                               While the Word of God states clearly that the price of salvation has been paid in full by our Lord’s death on Calvary, the cost of delivering the gospel to mankind is still due every time it is preached.

                                             ". . . how shall they preach, except they be sent?. . ."
                                                                                                                            -— Romans 10:15

                           Someone has to pay this significant expense. The most sobering thought in God’s way of evangelizing the world comes to the pastor, for his name is boldly printed on the bill for delivery costs. The people do the praising, dancing, and shouting, but it’s up to the pastor to gather up the money for their time of feasting. Without a doubt, this is the real reason pastors are so aptly referred to as co-laborers with Jesus. We have the great privilege of sharing in the cost of redemption, and it is one of the most outstanding honors available to pastors. Our special relationship with our Lord explains why God has ordained that the tithe is holy. Just as the sacrifice of our Lord was holy, the money we use to carry the message to the world is also holy.

                                                 "The tithe . . . is holy unto the Lord. "
                                                                                                            -- Leviticus 27:30 1

                                            "... We are laborers together with God .... "
                                                                                                          -- 1 Corinthians 3:9

                                     Let me turn your attention to the offerings God’s people give. It goes without saying that money from the offering always comes as a great blessing to the house of God. However, contrary to common belief, the main purpose for the offering is not to bless God’s house. Its greatest purpose is to get fmances to God’s children, for as you know, God looks
upon the offerings of His children as seeds they have planted for a harvest.

                                          " . . . he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully. Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give .... "
                                                                                              -- 2 Corinthians 9:6,7

                               It is interesting that God considers it a personal robbery when one of His children refuses to tithe or give offerings. "Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings."
                                                                                                   ·— Malachi 3:8

                                 It is fairly obvious that when someone refuses to give Him the tithe, they have robbed God, for the Scripture tells us all the tithe belongs to God.

                                                     " .... all the tithe of the land, whether of the seed ofthe land, or of the fruit ofthe tree, is
the Lord ’s: it is holy unto the Lord. "

                                                                                                                    —- Leviticus 27:30
                                    However, it is more difficult to understandwhy God claims He has been robbed when someone fails to give Him a freewill offering. This question arises because the Word of God tells us that giving offerings is a discretionary action, wholly dependent on the free will of the donor.

"Every man . . . as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly or of necessity, for God loveth a cheerful given"

                                                                                                     -— 2 Corinthians 9:7

                                       To more fully understand this verse, look at it in one of the more modem translations.

“Every one must make up his own mind as Us to how much he should give. Don ’t force anyone to give more than he really wants to, for cheerfid givers are the ones God prizes. "

                                                                                                  -- 2 Corinthians 9:7 (TLB)

                           From this verse we can see that God leaves it up to individual Christians whether they will even participate in an offering. He also leaves it up to them how much or how little they will give. Vlhth this understanding, it still remains somewhat of a mystery why God would feel that He has as been robbed when there is no offering. The reason for God’s concem is that when there is no seed planted, we rob God of one of the greatest personal pleasures He has set aside for Himself, the pleasure He gets from blessing His servants. 

"Let them shout for joy, and be glad, that favor my righteous cause: yea, let them say continually, Let the Lord be magnified, which has pleasure in the prosperity of his servant."

                                                                                                        -- Psalm 35:27

                          The robbery the Lord suffers when there is no offering is the joy He misses by not being able to abundantly bless one of His precious children. When the children of God fail to tithe and give offerings, they literally block their own bountiful blessings. The Bible states clearly that God blesses the "doers" of His Word. As we systematically educate and motivate our members to tithe and give offerings, we position them for receiving fmancial blessings from the Lord. Not only that, but we also cause them to bring pleasure to God as He blesses them. However, if we don’t teach them, we fail in two ways.

                        First, we fail ourselves by not fulfilling our commission to preach the full counsel of God’s Holy Word. For we all
know the Apostle Paul instructed Timothy and all leaders who would follow, to preach the Word. Preaching the Word includes everything that pertains to life and godliness. Surely, the financial well being of your people pertains to life, as
well as godliness. Secondly, we fail the individual members God has placed in our care. We especially fail them by hindering their ability to receive blessings from their God. If our people are ignorant of God’s laws of seedtime and harvest, or if they are ignorant of how to give proper offerings, their harvests will be much smaller than God wants them to be. It is imperative to their financial well being that all born again children of God understand God’s laws of harvest, as well as how to give offerings in a way that is acceptable to Him.

                          In spite of what some may think, there are many offerings God doesn’t accept.

                               ". . . neither will I accept an offering at your hand.”
                                                                                                                           -- Malachi 1:10

                      Please notice, I am not saying the church won’t accept these offerings, for the church will usually receive any donation placed in the offering plate. However, it goes without saying, the church makes no promise to multiply anyone’s
offering back to them. God is the one who must multiply offerings back to the giver. Therefore, if an offering is to
bring a harvest to the donor, it must be given in a scriptural way. First it must be given cheerfully.

                                "Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver:"

                                                                                                                            -- 2 Corinthians 9:7

                            Not only must it be given cheerfully, it must come from willing heart.

"Take ye from among you an ojfering unto the Lord: whosoever is of a willing heart .... ’ ’

                                                                                                                      -- Exodus 35:5

                           There are also many other biblical truths from God’s Word on how to give a proper offering. You will find them ready for you to teach in the easy-to—use-and-understand outlines included in this book. I know it is your desire to see the sheep of your flock receive financial blessings. However, just wanting it will not bring God’s best to them. Financial blessings from God come to our people only as they understand God’s Word and put it into practice.

                                 " .... [your people] shall know the truth, and the truth [they know] shall make [them] free."

                                                                                                                        -- Jolm 8:32

                                  As your people begin to understand the purpose and principles of sowing and reaping, giving to God will cease to be a drudgery, and there will be more than enough in their A" houses, as well as in God’s house. As pastors and ministers around the world are now teaching that God’s children are going to experience a massive wealth transfer from the wicked, it is more important than ever for them to understand God’s plan for acquiring this great end·time harvest. Even more important, they must know how to properly administer the funds God entrusts to them. God is specific as to the purpose of this wealth.

                      "B ut thou shalt remember the Lord thy God:
for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day."
                                                                                                                                                           -- Deuteronomy 8:18

                            Let there be no mistake about it. God wants to bless His children. However, he also wants them to use a good share of the wealth He places into their hands to bring, the gospel of Jesus Christ to all of the world.